Steven’s naïve and enduringly selfless wife. 20-30 year old female. Mezzo Soprano (G3-F5). She is fiercely loyal, deeply thoughtful yet surprisingly vengeful when she feels betrayed.

First performed by Celeste Notley-Smith (2015)


Steven’s comically overbearing mother. 40+ year old female. Mezzo Soprano (G3-E5). She is loud, a little bit posh, regularly intoxicated, highly deluded and obsessed with maintaining the perfect image of her fractured family.

First performed by Brooke Davidson (2015)


Steven’s distant and emotionally stifled father. 40+ year old male. Baritone (F2-E4). He is quietly reflective, highly realistic and surprisingly intuitive when it comes to Steven.

First performed by Simon Gillespie (2015)

The Ex

Steven’s seemingly superficial and proudly adventurous Ex-boyfriend. 20-30 year old male. Tenor (Ab2-Bb4). He is more than the hyper-sexualised exterior he hides behind, surprisingly moral, he has an unassuming strength of character.

First performed by Lucas Glover (2015)